Phone Protection Kit | EV360™
Phone Protection Kit | EV360™

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Phone Protection Kit

* Only available in TX, MO, IL and CO

  • (4) Disinfectant wipes
  • 2oz bottle of EV360™
  • 6" X 6" NoStench® Microfiber Cloth
  • Enough protection for an entire year!


Cleaning your cell phone isn't enough.

Proven results:

EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection with an invisible microbiostatic coating that protects your cell phone against damaging microbes for up to 90 days! 


After cleaning.



Exposed to normal use.


How it works:  

The physical kill accomplished by EV360™ comes from a microbiostatic layer on treated surfaces. This layer is invisible and can’t be felt, but it consists of millions of carbon-based nano-"spikes" that self assemble in layers and bond covalently with the surface. 

Each nano-spike is made up of a carbon shaft with a nitrogen molecule at it’s base. The positively charged nitrogen interacts with the negatively charged microbes like a magnet that draws it down onto the carbon spike.

The result is a physically ruptured or “stabbed” microbe that can’t survive – or adapt to become resistant.

That is how EV360™ effectively protects from FUTURE contamination! The nano-spikes are very durable and stay bonded to the surface through touching, cleaning and normal use.  When properly applied they will even withstand cleaning with straight bleach and continue to protect!