We Believe Financial Security comes from Residual Income

  1. Our System is Designed to get the average Team Builder to $5,000 per month in less than a year. That would make you a millionaire because if you had $1,000,000 earning 6% you would receive $5,000 per month.
  2. Our Solutions are all about bringing value to your life while saving on: Travel, Prescriptions, Energy through Solar, 20% on Vendors, 20% on Real Estate commissions, and our Health Products.
  3. Forbes.com listed memberships as the #2 marketing trend for this year.  People who have incorporated subscriptions and membership business models are seeing massive growth.  Why?  It's simple.  Because a membership business model establishes predictable and reliable income month after month, regardless of what the economy is doing.





Here is what you get with your Business Membership!

Join Now  for $157.95 then $19.95/mo

  • Business Directory for Customer Acquisition!
  • Personalize Replicated Website, Earn $50 when you refer a Member. Plus, Multiple Sources of Income!
  • Up to 65% less than Travelocity with our Member Only Travel Booking Engine!
  • Up to 80% less on Prescription. Even Less than GoodRX!
  • 20% Less on Real Estate Commissions and Loan costs through our Soveres Realty Advisors!
  • Solar Power: Discounts, Financing, $1,000 Rebate & $1,000 Commission




Enjoy A 20% Discount From Your Personal Realty Advisors

Enjoy a committed sophisticated word of mouth system called Membership.  More business for you, more savings for Solveres Members.

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Enjoy A 20% Discount From Our Vendors

Would you like a vetted Professional Vendor giving you a 20% Discount...  Simply Login and call a trusted Member.

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Help Your Nonprofit

When you Join you may choose from one of the listed Nonprofits or write in your own.  Solveres matches up to 3% of your income and donates it to your Nonprofit.

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Tools To Build Your Business

When you Join you may choose a Realtor, Appraiser, or Mortgage Broker…..If you choose not to, we will provide one for you. Or you can check the box, “I need 30 days” and you can call a Realtor, Appraiser, or Mortgage Broker and refer them to Solveres. What a great marketing tool to build your Solveres business! If you don’t find one within 30 days we will provide one for you.

Annual Report

If you own a home your Realtor will provide you with an Annual Report. Which includes: CMA (Comparative Market Analysis); Insurance to Valuation Questionnaire; Means to access equity in property; Loan to Valuation (Discontinue Private Mortgage Insurance); and Latest pertinent information about market conditions, legislative actions, etc.

Network Marketing - Old Concept Vs. New Concept

Old Concept - Use your network to sell someone else’s products. New Concept - Use your Network to promote your business, product or service.