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Have you ever wondered how the average income earners take family vacations to luxurious places?  

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Our Travel Solution Saves You Up To 65% Off the Public Price while Giving You a First Class World Vacation.

Solveres offers you an affordable way to travel more, see more of the world and have life changing experiences and create forever memories.

Here’s your only opportunity to effortlessly find deeper and better travel discounts.  Members receive access to discounts through our 100% secured private booking engines.

We use the same technology as the public sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Etc.  The only difference is we offer wholesale/net rates. 


The only difference between Solveres and the other online booking websites is that we supply discounted rates to ONLY our members.  The other large booking engines are not permitted to use these exclusive rates because their discounts are available to the public which would be breaking the rate parity rule.

The rate parity clause also prevents them from offering rates as low as Solveres.  Rate parity requires that all distribution channels such as Expedia, Orbits, Hot wire, and others maintain a consistent rate for the same product regardless of how much commission is involved.  It preserves the public booking sites as well as prevents hotels the chance to favor one over another.  The rate parity also protects the hotels themselves by maintaining and evaluating their relationships with its partners directly.

Save money and pay less for your Hotel, Condo or Resort.  Save up to 65% off Cruise Prices plus additional Benefits and Bonuses! Above everything else, we want to offer you the best possible discounts in all areas of life. This means that you not only get to have fun for less on the cruise, but you may also bring your family along and have fun together for much less.